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Guidance From A Father Thumbnail

Guidance From A Father

Jun 19, 2016 Video | Notes
Finding God In The Ruins Thumbnail

Finding God In The Ruins

Jun 12, 2016 Video

Student Summer Camp

Mon, Jul 25

Student Summer Camp @ Jackson Conference Center
Jul 25 – Jul 29 all-day
Student Summer Camp @ Jackson Conference Center | Goodlettsville | Tennessee | United States
Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! To The 2016 Hunger Games! The Hunger games will take place on July 25-29, 2016. Tributes must arrive at 10am on the 25th to register into their districs, and be retrieved at[...]

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Sometimes in culture, truth and relationship are lost under the weight of judgment and condemnation. This is not the story of the Bible. The message we find in the ancient narratives is one of love, restoration, and redemption. We are a collection of people with stories imprinted by brokenness and redemption.
We welcome you to the Journey.

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